Why Doesn’t Tears For Fears Tour Here?!!

One of the most frequestly asked questions here is when is Tears for Fears going to do a concert or tour in my city / country? Or Why aren’t they coming or some variation thereof.

And being just a site about the band we of course don’t know until they announce that they are going to do a tour and then we pass the concert dates and locations on to you.

However we thought there must be a good answer to the question so we started looking around and interestingly enough we found the answer on Curt Smith’s official website.

The answer we found in parts is below:

“It’s certainly not because we’re trying to avoid you or your city or country, or that we don’t realize we have loads of fans in your neck of the woods (if indeed it’s the case that we do). The truth is that it comes down to economics and timing.

…presenting a concert requires travel and accommodation for a number of people (musicians and road crew) and the transport of a bunch of instruments, sound and lighting gear.

In order for it to make economic sense for us to play a date, there has to be an offer from a promoter … that means we don’t end up spending more money to get to and play the show than we’re going to get in return.

That’s one of the reasons we try to cluster tour dates in a given geographic area…

…It almost never makes sense to take all that equipment and a dozen or more people and hopscotch all about the country or do a standalone show. A notable exception would be the Tears show in Los Angeles later this month; we’ll all be in town rehearsing for the April-May tour anyway, so it makes good sense to do a date here while we’re at it.”

So if you really want to get them to play in your area perhaps letting a promoter know or seeing what you can do to get someone who can organize an event will work. In other words if you realllly want to see them reaaalllly reeeally bad see what you personally can do to make it happen.

Curt Smith also explained what he meant about time and that he has made commitments to his family which in truth are more important and we agree.

While his career and performing are important a man’s family is more important than either of those things.

He says:

“I’ve made a commitment to myself and my family that I won’t ever spend more than a few weeks away from them, even when on tour. (I’ve done the touring-for-a-year-nonstop thing more than once, and believe me, I’ve no inclination to repeat it.) So any tour has to be set up such that I can come home for a bit after a few weeks, or that we have enough of a break while on the road for my family to join me for a few days.”

He also says that he does enjoy touring and the following bit explains about that:

“… we’re musicians and enjoy performing. I expect TFF will continue to tour – and that I’ll play solo shows closer to my Los Angeles home – for as long as folks want to hear us play. Maybe not exactly where or when some of you might like, but we’ll do our best as the economics and timing allow. In a nutshell, please understand that we have families and have to make a profit, otherwise we can’t continue to do what we do. It may seem glamorous but we have to think of our families (emotionally and financially). …”

If you’d like to read the full post direct from Curt Smith’s official website it can be found in the post titled It’s not that we don’t love you on his official website.

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