Tears for Fears – Secret World Tour in Paris

In 2005, tears for fears set out to discuss with Universal Music the release of a fresh across-the-board anthology of their work to date, including a new track entitled “Floating Down The River”. Nevertheless, the succeeding release (in the US) was a compilation brought out as part of Hip-O Records’ generic “Gold” series, a worldwide subsidiary that specializes in budget-priced back catalog compilations.

The performance at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, recorded in June 2005, was released on CD and DVD in France and Benelux. Entitled Secret World – Live in Paris, it was brought out on the XIII Bis label in early on 2006 and became a bestseller, with over 70,000 physical copies sold in addition to downloads. The CD contained the aforementioned new studio song, “Floating Down the River”, and a remastered Curt Smith/Mayfield track, “What Are We Fighting For?”. The relationship with XIII Bis proved so flourishing that Smith decided the relatively small French label to bring out his 2007 solo album, Halfway, Pleased.

After the albums release, Tears for Fears did a Secret World Tour.

Tears for Fears performing “Sowing the Seeds of Love”

Tears for Fears performing “Shout”

Tears for Fears performing “Secret World”

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