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Born and raised in Bristol, England. Started learning the guitar around 1974, later inspired by the new wave/punk scene, starts writing songs around this time.

Early Bands:

“Apartment” (1978-80)
“Apartment” were very influenced by the New York CBGB’s scene, bands like; Television, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, etc. “Apartment” was a three piece; vocal/guitar (Alan) & bass & drums. Released single and tracks on local Bristol label “Heartbeat Records”.








“The Escape” (1981-84)
Also a three piece, but a much darker gothic affair… (Well to begin with anyway). Released single on their own “Volatile Records” label, played lots of gigs around the U.K. Signed to Phonogram (Mercury Records)1993, by the same A&R guy who had signed TFF. Around this time Alan & Roland became friends. Two tracks released and work started on tracks for the first album, then Phonogram decided to pull the plug.
1984-85  –  Alan starts getting work as a session musician playing guitar & doing TV/Promos with bands “Vitamin Z” and “Talk Talk”. In early 1985 Alan is asked by TFF to replace a guitarist and joins them for the rest of “Songs From The Big Chair” world tour. He quickly learns the songs, packs a suitcase and gets on a plane. First show, Tokyo, Japan. After the tour has ended Alan starts getting back into song writing, also learning the “then” new midi keyboards / sequencers that had arrived on the market.

1987-90 Alan teams up with Bristol singer/songwriterJohn Kelly and together they form “White Hotel” . They write and demo lots of songs. At this time Alan is getting more involved with the production side of things. Alan keeps in contact with Roland and they would at times both play and listen to each others new emerging songs.

1990 – After failing to get a major record deal, “White Hotel” decided to call it a day. September ’90,  Alan met up with Roland in Bristol just after the TFF  “Seeds of Love” tour had ended. At this stage Curt Smith had decided to leave TFF. Alan and Roland talk about trying out some song writing together. They start a few weeks later in Roland’s house in London. The new songs written form many of the starting points for the  “Elemental” album. Also at this time Roland’s new home studio, to be called “Neptune’s Kitchen” is finished.

1991-92 – “Elemental” album was recorded and finished at Neptune’s Kitchen, with Alan involved in playing and co-producing with Roland and Tim Palmer.

1993 – “Elemental” album released. Alan plays guitar / keyboards on “Elemental” world tour.

1994-95 – Writing and recording songs for “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain” in Los Angeles, South of France and finishing up back in “Neptune’s Kitchen”. Again involved in playing and co-producing with Roland and Time.

1995 – 1996 – “RATKOS” album released – world tour begins. Alan plays guitar/keyboards.

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